We have had a great trip to Lille where we looked at two great restoration projects.

Villa Cavrois

©️Robert Hales 2019

Villa Cavrois, a private 1930s house by Robert Mallet-Stevens designed and built in the modernist style for the textile industrialist Paul Cavrois.

The house had fallen into a ruined state but was bought by the French Government and has been restored with great care and diligence.

The project recreates the quality of the original rooms and grounds with references to the remaining materials on site, the historic documents and photographs of the house, allowing the beauty of the original design to once again be experienced by its visitors.



La piscine

©️Robert Hales 2019

By contrast La Piscine is a 1932 Art Deco swimming pool that closed in 1985, which has been renovated and converted into an art gallery with a large range of textile samples brought together from Lille’s many historic textile factories.

This project takes elements of the existing build but converts them as a back drop for the display of art.


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